IL-15 Superagonist SOT101

SOT101 (formerly SO-C101) (RLI-15) is a subcutaneously-administered IL-15 superagonist that is fused to the IL-15α chain receptor. The drug has been precisely designed and optimized for its use as a potent immunotherapy by addressing two important design issues that limit current IL-2 and IL-15 approaches:

  1. Specificity for cytotoxic T and NK cells may provide superior efficacy and safety profile:
    SOT101 is designed to selectively bind only to cytotoxic T and NK cells, while avoiding other cell types that are associated with adverse events
  2. Optimized half-life may improve efficacy by limiting T cell exhaustion:
    SOT101’s pharmacokinetic properties enable it to ideally stimulate T and NK cells through pulses in cytokine concentration, rather than tonic stimulation

SOT101 has demonstrated strong preclinical in vivo efficacy in various tumor models showing increased long-term survival and tumor regression, as well as a favorable toxicology profile. SOT101 has also demonstrated potential for a combination approach with checkpoint inhibitors and ADCC monoclonal antibodies. 

SOTIO is conducting an ongoing Phase 1/1b study at leading clinical centers in the U.S. and EU, to examine SOT101 as monotherapy and in combination with pembrolizumab in patients with advanced/metastatic solid tumors. More information on the ongoing clinical trial can be found here. We are planning to launch additional Phase 2 clinical trials in 2022.