PPF Group

PPF Group operates in 25 countries, investing in multiple market segments, including financial services, telecommunications, media, biotechnology, real estate, and mechanical engineering. PPF Group’s growth rests on developing traditional and new industries, constructing modern infrastructure, the digital economy, and linking Czech talent and capabilities with global opportunities. PPF Group’s reach spans from Europe to North America and across Asia. The Group owns assets to the value of EUR 39.7 billion and employs 94,000 people globally (as at 31 December 2020). For more information visit PPF Group.

SOTIO Biotech is leading the biotechnology efforts of PPF Group by building a diverse portfolio through its in-house research and development, collaborations with external partners, in-licensing deals, investments and acquisitions. 

As part of the PPF Group, SOTIO closely cooperates with its partners to drive preclinical and clinical development for projects added to the SOTIO pipeline. The aim is to rapidly advance these projects to clinical trials and towards commercialization. To date, SOTIO has established partnerships regarding the interleukin-15 (IL-15) superagonist program and NBE-Therapeutics (Switzerland) regarding a new Antibody-Drug Conjugate program. In addition to SOTIO, PPF also invested in Cytune Pharma, NBE-Therapeutics, Cellestia Biotech (Switzerland) and Autolus Therapeutics (UK).