Our lead candidate, BOXR1030, uniquely combines the BOXR-discovered GOT2 transgene, a critical enzyme involved in cellular metabolism, with CAR-T technology targeting GPC3-expressing tumors. BOXR1030 is a next generation CAR-T cell therapy which benefits from its enhanced T cell metabolism in the solid tumor microenvironment.

SOTIO has demonstrated strong preclinical evidence in models that simulated the solid tumor microenvironment.  In vitro, BOXR1030 T cells resisted suppressive tumor microenvironment-like conditions and improved T cell proliferation under both hypoxic and low glucose conditions compared with standard CAR-T cells. 

Multiple in vivo models with BOXR1030 demonstrated superior activity compared to standard CAR-T cell therapies with treated animals achieving complete tumor regression. BOXR1030 cells were shown to be more resistant to dysfunction with fewer markers of exhaustion compared to the control CAR-T cells isolated from the tumors of treated animals. In vivo models were intentionally designed to be stringent, mimicking the minimal efficacy of standard CAR-T therapies today. 

Initial indications for BOXR1030 include, hepatocellular carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma of the lung and myxoid liposarcoma.

BOXR1030 is expected to enter the clinic in the beginning of 2022. SOTIO’s in-house cell therapy manufacturing expertise and capabilities will facilitate the rapid and efficient scale up of the BOXR T cell therapy program.