IL-15 Superagonist SOT202 Immunocytokine

SOT202 is an immunocytokine fusing a modified attenuated version of a proprietary IL-15 superagonist to our proprietary Claudin18.2 (CLDN18.2) targeting antibody. The well-balanced affinities of the IL-15 superagonist and CLDN18.2 antibody allows the delivery of the IL-15 cytokine to CLDN18.2 expressing tumors in a highly targeted manner for spatial stimulation of target immune cells, NK and T cells. 

Along with a specific targeting of CLDN18.2 on tumor cells, IL-15 activity stimulates antibody dependent cytotoxicity (ADCC) of NK cells and increases the number and activity of cytotoxic T cells, the two most important immune cells mediating an anti-cancer immune response. SOT202 thereby potentially improves clinical outcomes in CLDN18.2 expressing advanced solid tumor patients in particular in combination with Standard of Care (SoC) where there is high unmet clinical need. SOT202 belongs to one of the first unique IL-15/CLDN18.2 targeting immunocytokines.